Here are a few ways I like to keep up with the latest design trends.

How do you keep up with design trends as a Realtor? Everyone loves looking at houses, but it can be a full-time job, so how do you keep up with it? Today I want to give you some resources to make that a little easier:

1. Get to know some interior designers. Have someone you can refer to your clients. We even give our clients a free interior design session as a closing present. 

2. Go on This app can help you with the selling side of things. You can narrow down the area and find trends that look fantastic.

3. Go to new-build properties. Builders hire fantastic designers. The designs might be a little too cutting edge, but you can always pick up some good techniques and tips from these homes.

4. Get some magazines. I like 5280, HGTV magazine, Architectural Digest (for my high-end clients), and Dwell. All of them have a lot of great design tips, and getting the magazine means you can always have it handy. 

These are the four ways I like to keep updated, but there are hundreds of other ones. Whichever way you prefer, I would recommend that you take some time regularly to stay updated on the latest trends. That way, if a client asks you a question, you don’t have to build up your knowledge from scratch.

If you have any questions or if I can help you with your business, feel free to reach out via phone or email. I’d love to hear from you.