With the Compass concierge program, expired listings are a thing of the past.

You may have heard about different tools Compass offers their agents, such as the concierge program or bridge loan program. At first glance, they might not seem like anything too powerful, but these tools can actually create a lot of benefits for both you and your clients.

The Compass concierge program allows you, as a listing agent, to offer your clients up to $50,000 to improve their property. They can borrow this with zero interest and zero fees in order to renovate and stage their property, which helps them make top dollar for their sale.

We’ve all encountered listings that are out-of-date and in dire need of some upgrades. I’ve worked on a lot of expired listings throughout my career, and most of them were expired because of their condition. I even invested some of my own money, at times, to help them bring their home to a more sale-ready state. Now with the Compass concierge program, I won’t ever have to put my own finances on the line to help a client. It truly benefits us both.

“When both you and your client make money, that’s what we call a win-win.”

They can take out a no-strings-attached loan to change out countertops, finish the floors, renovate bathrooms, and do anything else that would make their listing truly shine. Their home will end up selling for more money, and you get the benefit of being able to offer a solution that Realtors outside of Compass can’t provide. Even more, you’ll have a happy client because their home sold for more than it would have before. You could even make some extra money as well. When both you and your client make money, that’s what we call a win-win.

The bridge loan program is another great tool you can use to help clients. Let’s say someone wants to sell their current property and buy a new one, but they can’t qualify for a new loan. In this situation, they’re probably afraid they’ll sell their home and have nowhere to go. With the bridge loan program, Compass will cover the fees with the bridge loan company. This allows someone to move without first selling their current home. When the home sells, they can recast their mortgage with the money they receive.

If you have more questions about these programs or would like to learn more about how they can work for your business, feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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