Here are five must-reads that will change your mindset for the better.

Brand-new agents and senior agents looking to remain sharp often ask me what books they should be reading to break through barriers and take their business to the next level. Here are my personal favorites: 

“Ninja Selling” by Larry Kendall 

Not only does this fantastic book outline an overarching strategy for communication, it also provides a clear model for you to follow, starting with your sphere and the people that you know. 

“Fierce Conversations” by Susan Scott

How do you strike a perfect balance between being truthful with being fierce when speaking with others? How do you speak with care and candor? So often, agents get themselves into trouble by over-promising, under-delivering, or professing to know something that they really don’t. This book unlocks the secrets of straightforward and effective communication, empowering you to firmly make your points without seeming rude or too direct. 

“Don’t do what I did and wait years before learning how to personally take advantage of the wealth-building wonders of owning real estate.”

“Fanatical Prospecting” by Jeb Blount 

This book dives into several different avenues for prospecting (calling, texting, social media, etc.) and is packed with pointers on how to gain momentum by creating a model for accountability. 

“The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan + “The One Thing” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan 

The first book is easily the best-selling real estate book out there—a veritable classic. It describes the myriad ways you can go from thinking about $1 million to grossing $1 million, to netting $1 million, and finally—most inspiring of all—giving $1 million to a worthy cause. The second is famous for its principle of finding success by cutting out the noise and only focusing on one main drive in your life. While you’re at it, check out Keller’s “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor.” Don’t do what I did and wait years before learning how to take advantage of the wealth-building wonders of owning real estate. 

“Sell It Like Serhant,” by Ryan Serhant 

As is the case with my previous recommendations, this book contains some phenomenal models. The bonus is that the author has an incredibly entertaining style, which makes for a delightful read. 

I hope one or two of these books (if not all) piqued your curiosity. If you’d be interested in scheduling a Zoom call for a 30-minute coaching consultation, or just have a few burning questions/topics you want to discuss, please follow the links on this blog. I’d love to hear from you! Until next time, stay safe out there! 

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